January 1, 2014

With the holiday season behind us and the regular grind back in full force, you may find yourself feeling a little glum at the prospect of another month before the next long weekend comes around.

Well, according to Nora Pope, N.D. (Class of '80) this might be the best time to do a full-body “tune-up” and kick-start the year with a bang.

No, “N.D.” is not a typo. It stands for Naturopathic Doctor, a growing stream of schooling that embraces the use of natural remedies to aid in patient care. Naturopathic medicine has been licensed and governed since 1925, and works under the principle that the body can heal itself, if given the time and space to do so. It supports traditional Western medicine with age-old world remedies to dramatically improve a patient’s quality of life. It’s about treating the root of a problem, be it physical, emotional or otherwise and not just an outward symptom. It’s about treating the person as a whole.

In Nora’s case, naturopathic medicine gave her enough energy to exceed sales quotas, ace her classes and be less sick, all by making a few small changes in what she ate and did.

So, while we may not be looking to exceed sales quotas or ace classes, here are some actionable steps that will help you get rid of some remaining holiday “stuffing” and get your energy levels up faster than you can down that last piece of pumpkin pie…

1.Drink lots of water – like four full Venti cups worth at a minimum per day!
Tip: try some herbal teas to help you reach your four cup goal.

2. For 30 days, ease up on wheat, dairy and fats
Don't get rid of them completely, but why not sub out that piece of toast for a fresh smoothie?

3. Do a liver detox
Try curried cauliflower with an extra dash of turmeric or some milk thistle herb in your tea.

4. Eat healthier grains like chia, hemp, flax and quinoa
Remember that morning smoothie? Throw in two tbsps. each of hemp and flax and you’re golden!

5. Cook uncommon vegetables like chard, kale, etc., once a week
With -20°C weather in the forecast, throw some obscure greens in a pot of soup and blend. Result? A stick-to-your-ribs pot of soup that will keep you warm and healthy!

That means doing something for as long as it takes for you to start sweating. No short-cuts…Sorry.
While they seem common sense, try these little tricks out and let me know how they go!

Nora Jane Pope '80, N.D. is a naturopathic medical practitioner of 12 years with a clinic located in mid-town Toronto. She is a graduate of the Canadian College of Naturopathic Medicine and is a professional member of the Canadian Association of Naturopathic Doctors. She has a special interest in epilepsy, fertility and drug-herb interactions. While off duty, you’ll find her investigating great Belgian beer and chocolates, dancing the Lindy Hop and learning more about fine red wine. She can be reached at 416-969-9181 or

By: Victoria Tuason '05

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