February 19, 2014

After leaving TFS, a dictée surprise or a rapport du livre due the next day become all but fleeting memories, stored in some dusty box in the attics of our brains. Well, this doesn’t have to be and shouldn't be! After all, 14 or 15 years of learning French, should stick with you for a while. I’m fortunate enough to speak French daily with my Quebecois counterparts, but for those of you who don’t have that opportunity; here are some ideas on finding la francophonie in your city!

1. Join a French conversation group – try and search by language and city and start making new polyglot friends and dusting off the ol’ Bescherelle.

2. Take a brush-up class at your local Alliance Française – find a centre close to you at

3. Go to a French play for an instant immersion experience – for those of us in Toronto, remember that we have a discount with Theatre Français de Toronto to sweeten the deal. USE Promo Code: Alumni-TFS when ordering your tickets by phone or online.

4. Watch a French film (with subtitles) – remember L’Auberge Espagnole or Cyrano de Bergerac? Check out the CinéFranco festival happening in Toronto.

5. Tune into CBC’s Radio Canada at

6. Join a francophone weekend soccer league, or form one of your own.

7. Get the daily news in French, thanks to Le Devoir:

8. Re-read a French novel from your youth, or one written by a new French-language novelist.

9. Take out a subscription to a French magazine…and enjoy doing the crossword puzzles to really challenge your mind.

10. Listen to French music, even if it’s playing in the background…attempt to sing or at least hum along.

Voila, ten great ideas to bring French back into your life, no matter where you are! 

By: Victoria Tuason '05


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