October 1, 2015

Dear TFS Alumni,

It is an honour to have joined a school community that places such a high value on the pursuit of academic excellence and cares about the well-being and success of each individual student. It is in this spirit that my plans over the course of my first year include meeting students, convening regularly with parents and staff, and getting to know our alumni. I look forward to meeting many of you at the various upcoming TFS alumni activities and events.

Your lives and careers have taken you in different directions and scattered you around the globe, but your shared history keeps you connected to TFS and to each other. Now, with this new online home created just for TFS alumni, you have an exceptional opportunity to maintain that connection and keep it alive. Schools are so much more than buildings. Schools are the people who study, learn, teach and work within their walls. Each generation takes a part of the school with them when they move on; and they also leave something of themselves behind. You have helped to shape TFS and make it the unique school it is today.

This past September, the 79 students in the graduating Class of 2015 began their post-secondary studies at some 33 universities located across five countries. They now join you and all previous generations of TFS alumni in the pursuit of worthy dreams and goals. As alumni, you can continue to shape TFS by helping new and future generations of students dream big and achieve their goals.

The Entrance Scholarships program being undertaken by TFS as part of Soaring Beyond: The Campaign for TFS is an important initiative and one that I know you will be interested in supporting. An Entrance Scholarships program will enable TFS to welcome high-achieving students who would not otherwise be able to attend our exceptional school. I am personally supportive of this campaign priority because, as a scholarship recipient myself, I know firsthand that a scholarship is a life-changing opportunity for an aspiring young mind.

I will tell you more about the Entrance Scholarships program as well as other TFS news and topics of special interest to alumni in the coming months. As Head of School, I believe it is important to be accessible, supportive and engaged, and I would like to forge a meaningful dialogue with all students, past and present. I also look forward to hearing from you, so let’s keep in touch by means of this exciting new alumni site.

Dr. Josep L. González
Head of School

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