A message from Suzy Davidkhanian, President of the TFS Alumni Association

Keeping the Connection Alive

It’s often said among TFS alumni that if you’re visiting a major international city, then it’s possible—likely even—that you’ll run into a fellow TFSer. TFS alumni are indeed international in every way—well educated, reflective citizens who act, comfortable in any locale, and generous and giving, especially to fellow alumni, no matter when you graduated.

Being a TFSer is indeed formative and lasting. Identifying a fellow TFSer is always a delight! There is comfort in knowing that we are bound together by our shared experience, regardless of the year of graduation, or the unique experience of TFS we had—food truck or cafeteria, old campus or new. All schools change, yet TFS has remained true to itself and is rooted in giving students a strong, balanced education.

I’m a TFS lifer, who attended the West Campus from kindergarten through to graduation at the Toronto campus in 1994. Everyone knew everyone and teachers greeted parents in the halls even if you were not in their class. We were an extended family. TFS helped fashion me into the person I am today, and this is a sentiment that I often hear from fellow alumni. TFS was a second home for me, always welcoming and comforting.

As your president, I will advocate for all alumni everywhere and will advance past work done in engaging alumni—no matter where you happen to be—to create a strong network we can turn to for advice or mentoring. 

I will engage the alumni Class Representatives to get more and more alumni involved and will ensure that the Alumni Association also evolves for the changing needs of our alumni, just as our school has evolved to meet the needs of today’s TFS students. 

As TFSers, we were taught that there is virtually no limit to what we can achieve together. As engaged alumni, I know that there is little that we cannot attain together.

Suzy Davidkhanian '94
President, TFS Alumni Association (TFSAA)

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